Laser tracking specialists from North Wales, serving clients across the globe

For precision positioning and alignment services across the globe, contact the team at Williamson Technical Services Limited.

Providing accurate measurements

At Williamson Technical Services Limited, we have over 30 years of experience working in the field of industrial metrology. We provide high precision positioning and alignment services to the power generation, nuclear, film and steel production industries.

Technologically advanced tools

With our engineering survey services, we will provide a detailed consultation as well as advice and guidance to the most cost-effective measurement and survey technique to be adopted for your particular project. We use laser tracker which comes with many advantages.

  • Can be mounted sideways, upside down, or directly on the part to be measured
  • Small and compact design
  • Easy to operate and reduces the need for manpower
  • Can measure points continuously
  • High degree of precision and accuracy
  • Expect outstanding results

    The Laser Tracker is already in use by Williamson Technical Services Limited at a major scientific research facility in the UK, where the instrument’s accuracy and repeatability ensures that the requirements of projects demanding tolerances are met.

    Recently, the company has added to its range of instrumentation by investing in a Faro Laser Tracker which provides a facility to position and align-items of plant to 10 microns. This instrument supplements the company’s existing range of Leica Industrial Total Stations to enable the highest precision of work over ranges of 1 to 200 metres.

    Whatever your requirements are, we have the tools to provide a superior service. We also provide rolling mill alignment surveying, dimensional surveying, structural monitoring, 3D computer modelling and engineering surveys.

    For accurate laser tracking and alignment services, come to Williamson Technical Services Limited, North Wales. call
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